Through learning and development AGO promotes excellence and innovation in NOAA acquisitions. The ProTech PMO (Program Management Office) serves as a proactive agent facilitating interaction between Agency clients and ProTech Prime Contract Holders. In addition to managing the ProTech contracts, the PMO acts as the information conduit between Contract Holders and clients. This mission is accomplished through aiding in pre-order decision making; delivery order processing; and post order quality assurance.

Contact the Domain ProTech Training Coordinator to request:

  • ProTech Program Training (Silver Spring, MD)
  • ProTech Program Training (Your site)

ProTech Training Coordinators
Domain Name Email Phone
Enterprise Operations Patricia Page 301-628-1405
Fisheries Kenyada Corley 301-628-1378
Oceans Courtney Holbrook 301-628-0029
Satellite Virginia Scott 301-628-1379
Weather Quyen Diep 301-628-1369

Multi-Media Offerings
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