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The procedures for ordering are governed by FAR 16.505 - Ordering. As noted in 16.505(b) (1) (ii) the Contracting Officer (CO) may exercise broad discretion in developing appropriate Order placement procedures. The CO should keep submission requirements to a minimum when using streamlined procedures. Streamlined procedures may include oral and or written presentations or a combination thereof. The competition requirements in FAR Part 6 and policies in FAR 15.3 do not apply to orders issued under ProTech.

All ProTech orders for services shall be issued on a competitive basis, unless a fair opportunity exception justification is approved.

The Office of Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO) is providing its customers with a standardized Checklist, flowchart, policy, templates, and samples that will guide the solicitation development process and instill consistency and quality standards into the process.
Where to start:
The Solicitation Development and Customer Engagement Process Checklist describes the engagement process between the Program Management Office (PMO) and CO with the sponsoring PMO’s Project /Program Manager (PM). The Checklist identifies a complete list of tasks/events, responsibilities, and desired outcomes for TOs issued under the ProTech contracts. Click here to view the Solicitation Development and Customer Engagement Process Checklist.
The flowchart is a diagram of the Solicitation Development and Customer Engagement Process. Click here to view the Solicitation Development and Customer Engagement Process Flowchart.
Solicitation Categories
ProTech offers multiple pricing arrangements to allow the contracting office to select the pricing arrangement or arrangements most appropriate to the circumstances for the TO:

  • Fixed Price: Includes Fixed Price Award Fee (FPAF), Fixed Price Incentive Fee (FPIF), Fixed Price Fixed Fee (FPFF) and Fixed Price Level of Effort (FPLOE) (FAR 16.2 and 16.4)
  • Cost Reimbursable: Includes Cost Plus Award Fee (CPAF), Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF), and Cost Plus Incentive Fee (CPIF) (FAR 16.3 and 16.4)
  • Time and Materials: (T & M) and Labor Hour (FAR 16.6) (Prior to issuance of a T & M task order under ProTech, determinations and findings (D & F) required by FAR 16.601(c) and CAM 1316.1 must be executed by TO COs. PMs will assist TO COs, when necessary, with verifying that (1) the work is of a T & M nature, and (2) the facts and rationale justify that no other contract-type is suitable.)

  • Note: Hybrid orders (multiple pricing arrangements) may be placed under ProTech.

To access the Policy, Templates, and Samples, click on the plus (+) sign to the left of the solicitation type to open a listing of available items within the type of guiding documentation (policy, template or sample).

The Policy section provides access to the policies, procedures and regulations related to solicitation development.
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The Solicitation Templates are in fill-in format and include instructions. These templates have been previously used by Federal agencies in the development of successful solicitations.
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Steps to using templates:

  1. Identify which templates are required (working in collaboration with AGO personnel)
  2. Access the template from this site to ensure the most current version
  3. Open the template and save it to your work station or shared drive
  4. Complete the required information
  5. Collaborate with AGO personnel to finalize the document

The Solicitation Samples are examples of from solicitations that have been used successful in various agency procurements and are provided as illustration only.
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