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Purchase Request

The primary purpose of this site is to provide consistent and current documents that can be used by AGO customers to generate the documents that ultimately make up a complete Purchase Request (PR) package for submission to AGO.

The ProTech Program is the mandatory source for all NOAA Line and Staff Offices to acquire professional and technical services. Exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Requiring Activity shall prepare and submit the rationale for an exception to the TO CO. The TO CO then forwards the explanation to the ProTech PMO at ProTech.Services@noaa.gov for review and concurrence.

This site does not replace the use of C.Suite (C. Suite is the procurement and acquisition system for DOC) for processing and entering PRs.
Where To Start:
The Requiring Activity (normally a NOAA Line or Staff Office) is responsible for preparing the ProTech PR Package. It is the responsibility of the Requiring Activity to obtain the necessary approvals (i.e., NOAA funds certification, etc.) prior to submitting the PR Package to the servicing acquisition office within AGO. The PR Package may include as appropriate the following:
  • Name, title, address, phone number, e-mail, and fax of Requiring Activity POC;
  • Funding document;
  • Draft Acquisition Plan (AP) or Milestone AP;
  • Complete Statement of Work (SOW), Statement of Objectives (SOO), or Performance Work Statement (PWS);
  • Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) (not released to contractors);
  • Input to Market Research Report;
  • Fair Opportunity Exception, if applicable;
  • Proposal evaluation criteria;
  • Estimated period of performance;
  • Proposal Instructions and Evaluation Criteria;
  • Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) Nomination and Certification;
  • Applicable Government Furnished Property (GFP), Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), and/or Government Furnished Information (GFI) that is required (if any);
  • Required clearances (if any); and
  • Other pertinent statute/regulation requirements, applicable contract clauses not included in the specific Domain IDIQ contracts; including applicable Section 508 requirements or exceptions.
The NOAA Acquisition Package Checklist is provided to assist you in identifying which documents are required for you to present a fully acceptable package to AGO.

The Policy links provide the regulations and guidance from the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Department of Commerce Acquisition Manual (CAM), NOAA AGO Acquisition Manual (NAM), and NOAA Acquisition Instructions (AIs) to be used as reference material.
Required Documentation by PR Type
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