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ProTech, a strategic sourcing initiative comprised of a suite of contracting vehicles, supports both classified and unclassified programs on multiple networks and security domains. The services and capabilities supported by the ProTech contract will provide responsive, flexible, adaptive, and timely solutions for NOAA clientele to satisfy current and future requirements.

ProTech is a multiple award contract vehicle that allows for competition between ProTech Task Orders (TO's) for work at the TO level. Each TO will specify the solutions & services as outlined by a Statement of Objectives (SOO), Statement of Work (SOW) or Performance-Based Work Statement (PWS). The ProTech contracts have been awarded by Domain. TO's can only be competed among and awarded to contract holders within the specific Domain they have been awarded a contract. All ProTech TO's must be within scope of the base IDIQ contracts.

The ProTech portfolio of contracts are intended for use primarily by NOAA, although may also be used by other Department of Commerce Bureaus if the scope meets their requirements. The contracts are not Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) and cannot be used by other Federal agencies. Orders may be placed by any NOAA or DOC warranted Contracting Officer (CO), subject to the ordering limitations of their individual warrants. Ordering using the ProTech contracts is decentralized to more effectively support the needs of NOAA Line and Staff offices.

This site provides a user-friendly portal with content that is dynamic and enables performance excellence through the application of a standardized body of knowledge including; policies, procedures, tutorials, samples, and templates germane to the ProTech acquisition process.
The Value of this site:
  • 24/7 access to ProTech acquisition content
  • A knowledge portal that provides direct links to focused content sources
  • Improved consistency and completeness of document content through the use of templates
  • Enhanced collaboration between AGO and the customer through greater participation and engagement in the ProTech acquisition process
  • ProTech guidance provided in one convenient location maximizing efficient use of resources
Pre-Acquisition Planning
It is essential that effective planning is carried out prior to a procurement. This planning should include:
  • Consultation with stakeholders about what is needed and the budget that is available to fulfil the need;
  • Engagement with the market, and review of other existing contracts in addition to the ProTech IDIQ contracts in the appropriate Domain, to understand the solutions that may be available, and to get feedback on how the requirement may be best met;
  • Establishment of effective governance arrangements and resourcing plans if necessary;
  • Appointing advisers to help ensure novel or difficult projects are established on a sound footing.
The process icons above are hyperlinked to guide you to the relevant site for comprehensive acquisition guidance.
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