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Contract Administration

To provide the Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO) Acquisition workforce and its clients a comprehensive set of standardized procedures and uniform electronic tools (e-tools) for use in satisfying over 70 distinct contract administration activities as prescribed in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 42.

AGO Contract Administration Overview

The ProTech Contracting Officer (CO), within the AGO Corportate Services Acquisition Division (CSAD), has overall responsibility for administration of ProTech. The CO, without right of delegation, is the only person authorized to make or approve any changes in any of the requirements of the ProTech basic contracts; and, notwithstanding any provisions contained elsewhere in this contract, the said authority remains solely in the CO. In the event the contractor makes any changes at the direction of any person other than the CO, the change will be considered to have been made without authority and no adjustment will be made in the contract terms and conditions, including price.

The Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), within the AGO, is responsible for the receipt and acceptance of the contract-level deliverables and reports and past performance reporting for the ProTech contracts. The COR supports the PM and the CO in the general management of the program and provides technical acquisition support to the TO CORs.

The Task Order CO (TO CO) and Task Order COR (TO COR) will be responsible for the task order activities involving initiating, awarding, administering, and closing out task orders. They will track and guide task order performance over the life of the task order. The ProTech Program Support Team will assist all clients in their task order activities as well as log and maintain records of all task orders.
Where To start:

TO Post-Award Conference

A post-award conference includes Government and Contractor personnel and is held as soon as possible (typically within 30 days) after contract award to foster clear and mutual understanding of all TO requirements and to identify and resolve potential problems. A record of participants/attendees should also be included in the TO file.

Monitoring Contractor Performance

The TO COR acts as the technical liaison between the TO CO and the Contractor regarding the requirement(s) under the TO, and is essential in communicating potential problems to the TO CO for mitigation and immediate diffusion before a situation becomes problematic. The TO COR will rely on a wide range of strategies to ensure surveillance and oversight of:

Security Requirements

Task Order Modifications

The TO COR will review proposed modifications against the scope of work and availability of funds. Assess proposed modifications for technical content; and advise the TO CO in determining whether to modify the TO and implement the modification.

Receiving, Inspection and Acceptance

The TO CO and TO COR are responsible for inspection and acceptance of task order services provided. If services are rejected, this must be documented in writing to the contractor, with recitation of the requirement and factual statements of how the contractor failed to meet these requirements.

Invoice and Payment Processing

Contractors shall follow the detailed invoicing and billing instructions contained in the individual ProTech TO.

Automated Systems and/or Supporting Tools:

A list of e-tools is provided to facilitate the efficient and effective accomplishment of required contract administration activities.

The links provide the regulations, guidance and the automated systems to be used in administering ProTech TOs.


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