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The Statements of Work (SOW) and Performance Work Statements (PWS) released on the ProTech website are pre-decisional and for informational purposes only. All projected acquisitions are subject to revision or cancellation. Final decisions on the extent of competition, acquisition method, estimated task order value, small business participation, or any aspect of the acquisition action will not be made until each acquisition is released by the Contracting Office. The forecast data is for planning purposes and does not represent a pre-solicitation synopsis, does not constitute an invitation for bid or request for proposal, and is not a commitment by the Government to purchase the described products and/or services. Awardees are reminded that only Contracting Officers have the authority to contractually bind the Government and authorize the release of acquisition information.

Any questions related to the published forecast can be directed to the Administrative Contracting Officer, Virginia Scott at Virginia.Scott@noaa.gov.

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FY19 Forecast (last updated: June 2018)

Download FY 19 Forecast Here

FY Forecasted Current Contract Number Current Contractor Requirement Description
FY19 DG133W-10-CQ-0042/T-0064 Earth Resource Technology, Inc The current statement of work applies to the work assignments necessary to: upgrade subsystems which comprise the legacy GOES NOP GS; upgrade or replace legacy enterprise systems which support multiple NOAA/NESDIS satellite systems including GOES NOP, and; upgrade legacy infrastructure (e.g., operational tools) that support the GOES program but are not part of the GOES NOP GS.
FY19 GS10F0318T/AB-133E-16-NC-0264 Telesolve Consulting, LLC The current statement of work is to provide support services to NCEI in the areas of administration, budget/finance, product acquisition support, communications, property management, mail room support, copy center support, and order fulfillment.
FY19 GS-35F-0242T/ST-1330-14-BU-0002/T0011 Ambit Group, LLC The current statement of work includes programmatic management of OSPO’s risk management program, budget functions, acquisition functions, HR functions, projects, safety functions, building occupancy functions, property management functions, and IT Security functions in support of 24x7 operations of environmental satellites and ground systems supporting NOAA's mission.
FY19 SP-133E17-CN-0067 I.M.Systems Group, Inc The current statement of work provides support to the NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory (Vizlab), managed by NESDIS, which serves an important role in providing visualizations of atmospheric and oceanic events from satellite imagery and data to meet NOAA and external requests for these images. In addition, the Vizlab provides technical writing, presentation development and graphics support to NESDIS and NOAA for communication and outreach activities. The Vizlab is contracted to meet this demand within its provided budget and to serve as a fee-for-service program for other NOAA Line Offices.
FY18 Forecast (last updated: December 2017)

Download FY 18 Forecast Here

FY Forecasted Current Contract Number Current Contractor Requirement Description
FY18 GS-00F-0059N/DG-133E-13-BA-0024/C0002 ASRC Aerospace Corp Provide analyses, assessments, and recommendations relating to financial management activities.
FY18 DG133W-10-CQ-0042/T-0058 Earth Resource Technology, Inc. Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS)
FY18 AB-1330-16-BA-0044/C0003 EMCS, LLC OSGS SME support in RF spectrum management, enterprise architecture, monitoring electromagnetic compatibility, LTE technology and systems engineering to develop an operations concept.
FY18 DG-133E-13-CN-0096 Global Imaging Provide all services, personnel, material, and equipment necessary to upgrade the Polar Satellite HRPT Image Processing Systems (HIPS) at the National Weather Service regional office in Monterey, CA for the continued reception and processing of NOAA HRPT and METOP HRPT (MHRPT).
FY18 DG133E-10-CQ-0034/T0004 Global Science & Technology, Inc. Provide technical and engineering services in direct and indirect support of the JPSS calibration and validation plan.
FY18 GS-21F-0164W/DG-133E-13-BA-0020/C-0002 Innovative Consulting & Management Services, LLC Provide in-depth 24x7x365 data center expertise to provide project management, technical support to the Management Operations and Analysis Division, Facilities Team located in Silver Spring, Maryland.
FY18 GS-21F-0164W/DG-133E-13-BA-0020/C-0005 Innovative Consulting & Management Services, LLC Provide Professional and Technical Support Services for the OSPO office regarding the monthly programmatic management support, which includes metric milestones and reporting needs; monthly risk management support; and property management support at the NOAA Satellite Operations Facility (NSOF) and at sites under OSPO control or where OSPO maintains equipment, which includes Wallops Command and Data Acquisition Station (WCDAS), Virginia; Fairbanks Command and Data Acquisition Station (FCDAS), Alaska; and the Consolidated Backup Unit (CBU) located in Fairmont, West Virginia.
FY18 AB-133E-16-CQ-0030/T-0005 Pinnacle Engineering & Management Solutions, LLC Provide administrative support services to NESDIS Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR).
FY18 AB-133E-16-CQ-0030/T-0001 Pinnacle Engineering & Management Solutions, LLC Provide NESDIS with administrative/operational support, program management support, and technical assistance.
FY18 DG133E-10-CQ-0033/T-0023 Riverside Technology, Inc. Provide OPPA with program management and scientific analysis support and technical services.
FY18 DG133E-10-CQ-0033/T0022 Riverside Technology, Inc. Collect and manage NOAA’s observing requirements, observing system inventory, system capabilities and systems life cycle cost information.
FY18 DG133E-10-CQ-0031/T-0008 Science and Technology Corporation Provide technical and engineering services in support of 1) Algorithm and Data Product subject matter expertise including project monitoring, communication, and coordination; 2) Algorithm and Data Product calibration, validation, and verification technical leadership; 3) Data Products Engineering and Services Support; 4) Program Science Proving Ground, Risk Reduction, and Requirements; 5) External and internal science communications; 6) Program science-related engineering; and 7) General support in planning and executing for JPSS, including configuration and risk management.
FY18 DG133W-10-CQ-0049/T-0022 Systems Integration & Development, Inc NESDIS is seeking contractor to provide Internet/Web site content maintenance, graphic design, and IT support for the NESDIS HQ website, JPSS website, Commercial Remote Sensing website, and other NESDIS line office/data center websites as needed.
FY18 DG133W-10-CQ-0049/T-0015 Systems Integration & Development, Inc Provide support to the Data Services Branch Data Services Team (DST), primarily for the GOES Data Collection System (DCS).
FY18 DG-133E-13-CN-0147 TRGroup, Inc. NOAA/NESDIS Polar Ground Systems Engineering Support