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ProTech Domain Contracting Officers
Domain Name Email Phone
Enterprise Operations Jay Standring jay.standring@noaa.gov 301-628-1368
Fisheries Kenyada Corley ProTech.Fisheries@noaa.gov 301-628-1378
Oceans Erika Chavarria ProTech.Oceans@noaa.gov 301-628-0029
Satellite Virginia Scott ProTech.Satellite@noaa.gov 301-628-1379
Weather Jay Standring jay.standring@noaa.gov 301-628-1368

Leadership Team
Jeffrey S. Thomas Jeffrey S. Thomas
Director, AGO
Mr. Thomas brings extensive acquisition experience to his position as AGO Director. He began his federal service in the contracting field in 1988 with the Department of Transportation where he managed a progressively more complex set of programs. He was elevated to Associate Director, Office of the Secretary of Transportation; Acquisition Policy, Oversight, and Business Strategies in 2010.
Marcelle Loveday Marcelle Loveday
Director, SSAD
Ms. Loveday joined NOAA/AGO in August 2014 and currently serves as the SSAD Deputy Director in support of ProTech. She has held Procurement positions at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Chief Procurement Officer.
Jay Standring Jay Standring
ProTech Branch Head and Program Manager
Jay Standring joined NOAA/AGO in November 2016 as the ProTech Services Branch Chief and Program Manager. His previous contracting assignments were with the Department of Defense including Headquarters, USMC Installations & Logistics (Contracting Policy) and the Military Sealift Command.