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To provide the NOAA Acquisition workforce and its clients comprehensive standardized procedures and electronic tools, templates and checklists to satisfy the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 4.804-5 procedures for closing out contracts.
Where to Start:

Contract Closeout

Closeout is accomplished when all administrative actions have been completed, all disputes settled, and final payment has been made.

Policy, tools and templates ae provided to help efficiently and effectively accomplish the required closeout activities. The procedures and electronic tools provided below cover the full range of contract administration requirements.

The Policy link provides the regulations and guidance from the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the Department of Commence Acquisition Regulation (CAR), Commerce Acquisition Manual (CAM), NOAA Acquisition Manual (NAM), and the various automated systems to be used.

To access the tools, click on the plus (+) sign to the left of the tool to display it. The Templates provide the format to generate each required document.

Quick-Closeout Procedures

The contractor is authorized to use the quick-closeout procedure for TOs issued under ProTech if the TO is physically complete; and the amount of unsettled direct and indirect costs to be allocated to the TO are relatively insignificant (i.e. does not exceed the lesser of $1,000,000, or 10 percent of the total TO order amount).

Required Automated System and/or Supporting Tool: