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Contract & BPA HOLDERS

Enterprise Operations Domain

Product/Service Title Contracts & Vendors Description Use Ordering Office Ordering Period Expiration Date Award Date
Administration Services TBD This BPA provides for a full range of support services in the areas of administrative support; file clerks; vessel monitoring technicians; disciplines in scientific and technical professionals in the physical, biological and marine sciences; program and project managers; geographic information system (GIS) technical support; analysts; training specialists; administrative specialists; systems engineering; graphic artists; mechanics and maintenance repair; library support services; interpretive (sign language); technical writers; and consultants to DOC and NOAA offices throughout the United States. TBD All Acquisition Divisions TBD TBD
Exhibit Support Services
1305M419ANAAA0002 Capital Exhibit Services Inc.
This requirement is a single award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Office of Communications program identifies varies professional conferences and meetings held nationwide throughout the year. The exhibit program coordinates NOAA’s presence at various yearly events sponsored by numerous organizations with most NOAA line offices represented. Available SSAD 10/08/2023 10/09/2018
Executive Recruiting Services
ST-1330-16-BA-0046/GS-02F-0022W Management Recruiters of Fort Worth-SW, L.P
This BPA provides access to an executive search firm to locate qualified candidates to apply for federal employment. Available All Acquisition Divisions 03/20/2021 03/31/2016
Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services (NAICS 541611)
1305M419ANCNL0007 / 47QRAA19D007T Lynne Carbone and Associates

This BPA will provide facilitation, executive management consultation, leadership coaching and support for NOS and its Program and Line Offices senior management, program officials and, other NOAA offices. The Contractor should have demonstrated knowledge and experience of Government or similarly situated organizational and program relationships and experience in team building, strategic planning, executive development, communications, organization design, organizational change, and conflict management. (see Federal Business Opportunities) Available beginning October 1, 2019 NOAA Contracting Officers, Field Delegates and Government Purchase Card Holders 09/30/2024 09/19/2019
Human Capital Management Services
1305M418ANAAA0001 FYI- For Your Information Inc.
1305M418ANAAA0002 Lindholm & Associates, Inc.
1305M418ANAAA0003 R3 Government Solutions, LLC
1305M418ANAAA0004 Golden Key Group, LLC
1305M418ANAAA0005 GovStrive LLC
This requirement is to establish a multiple-award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) off of the General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) for under Subpart 8.4 proven expertise in providing a full range of human capital management support to include documentation analyses, strategic workforce planning and program to support the line and staff offices of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the Department of Commerce (DOC). Available SSAD 09/20/2023 09/19/2018
Management Consulting Services
ST-1330-17-BA-0073 The Boston Consulting Group
ST-1330-17-BA-0074 Mckinsey & Company, Inc.
ST-1330-18-BA-0002 E3 Federal Solutions, LLC
ST-1330-17-BA-0071 Deloitte & Touche LLP
ST-1330-17-BA-0072 A.T. Kearney, Inc.
This requirement is to establish a multiple-award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) off of the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) for proven expertise in planning and implementing broad organizational change, including stakeholder engagement and change management, to support the line and staff offices of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the Department of Commerce (DOC). NOAA seeks assistance in developing a series of recommendations and actionable plans for operating model(s), workforce model(s), and organizational structure(s) that will allow NOAA to better serve the needs of our core partners and stakeholders by implementing the strategic goals and objectives. Available
All Acquisition Divisions 09/20/2023 09/19/2018
Professional & Technical Services - Fisheries
Large Businesses
1305M418DNFFK0019 ABT Associates
1305M418DNFFK0002 CDI Marine Company, LLC
1305M418DNFFK0018 Consolidated Saftey Services
1305M418DNFFK0014 Earth Resources Technology, Inc.
1305M418DNFFK0014 ECS Federal, LLC
Small Businesses
1305M418DNFFK0011 A.I.S., Inc.
1305M418DNFFK0010 Environmental Assessment Services
1305M418DNFFK0016 Inter-Fluve, Inc.
1305M418DNFFK0005 Northern Economics, Inc
1305M418DNFFK0006 SailDrone, Inc.
HubZone Small Businesses
1305M418DNFFK0017 Lynker Technologies, LLC
Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business
1305M418DNFFK0004 Maden Technologies Consulting, Inc.
Woman Owned Small Businesses
1305M418DNFFK0013 Azura Consulting LLC
1305M418DNFFK0015 International Business Sales & Services Corporation
1305M418DNFFK0007 Saltwater, Inc.
1305M418DNFFK0008 Technical and Engineering Support Alliance
1305M418DNFFK0003 Think Tank, Inc.
ProTech's Fisheries Domain has a focus on NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and the U.S. Fisheries that NMFS supports and the important role in the nation’s economy that provides opportunities for commercial, recreational, and subsistence fishing, and sustainable seafood for the nation. Mandatory All Acquisition Divisions 09/29/2023 09/20/2018
Professional & Technical Services - Satellite
Large Businesses
ST-1330-17-CQ-0051 KBRWyle
ST-1330-17-CQ-0056 Noblis
ST-1330-17-CQ-0057 Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
ST-1330-17-CQ-0059 Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies
ST-1330-17-CQ-0066 Vencore, Inc
Small Businesses
ST-1330-17-CQ-0042 AS and D, LLC
ST-1330-17-CQ-0046 Carr Astronautics Corporation
ST-1330-17-CQ-0047 CollabraLink Technologies, Inc.
ST-1330-17-CQ-0062 Constellation Software Engineering, Corp
ST-1330-17-CQ-0048 CSS-Dynamac
ST-1330-17-CQ-0050 Global Science & Technology, Inc
ST-1330-17-CQ-0052 I.M. Systems Group, Inc
ST-1330-17-CQ-0053 Ingenicomm, Inc
ST-1330-17-CQ-0064 LinQuest Corporation
ST-1330-17-CQ-0063 Millennium Engineering and Integration Company
ST-1330-17-CQ-0058 Riverside
ST-1330-17-CQ-0067 Solers, Inc
ST-1330-17-CQ-0060 Science and Technology Corporation
Woman Owned Small Businesses
ST-1330-17-CQ-0049 Earth Resources Technology, Inc
ST-1330-17-CQ-0054 Innovim, LLC
ST-1330-17-CQ-0065 ISYS Technologies
ST-1330-17-CQ-0061 Syneren Technologies Corporation
Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business
ST-1330-17-CQ-0055 Integrated Systems Solutions
ProTech’s Satellite Domain has a focus on technical and scientific support of the acquisition, deployment, and ground systems development/monitoring of satellites. Mandatory All Acquisition Divisions 06/30/2022 06/13/2017