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Award Documents

To provide AGO Contract Specialists with guidance and documentation to support compliance with the Task Order Award process.
Where to start:
The Government will evaluate the contract holder’s technical and cost/price proposal in accordance with the selection criteria. The Government’s award decision will be based, at a minimum, on evaluation and review of:
  • The Excluded Party List System checked prior to evaluation of quotes (FAR 9.405(d)(3))
  • All quotes received using evaluation criteria in the RFP
  • (1) the proposed level of effort, (2) the labor mix proposed, and/or (3) the reasonableness of the total order price
  • Document the ProTech contracts considered, the amount paid, the evaluation methodology used in selecting the best-value contractor, and the rationale for any selection tradeoffs
  • Task order options FAR 17.206
After the technical proposals have been received and evaluated, an authorized official from the Requiring Activity will document, sign and forward the results to the TO CO for review and approval. The TO CO reserves the right to withdraw and cancel a task if issues pertaining to the proposed task arise that cannot be satisfactorily resolved.

After completion of the evaluation, exchanges, if any, and best value analysis, the TO CO, in coordination with the TO COR, shall prepare a complete award recommendation package to document the selection process and to serve as evidence that the fair opportunity to be considered rule was applied, unless an exception was taken under FAR 16.505(b)(2). At a minimum, it shall include:

  1. A statement indicating whether announcement of the TO requirement was made to all eligible contractors, or if an exception to fair opportunity was cited (cite the exception);
  2. The selection criteria/methodology used to evaluate the competing contract holders;
  3. The results of the evaluation; and
  4. The rationale for the recommendation of the TO awardee, including a summary of any exchanges conducted, cost/price and best value analysis.
The TO CO’s decision on each order shall be final and shall not be subject to protest under FAR 33.1; notwithstanding, however, any FAR 16.505 exceptions thereto shall be considered. Any complaints from the contract holders shall be referred to the designated Ombudsman identified in Part II of the ProTech Ordering Guide.

All solicitation and award files must include the AGO Contract File Document Checklist. This checklist is based on requirements specified in the FAR, CAR, CAM, NAM and other guidance.
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