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Acquisition Planning

Acquisition planning and market research are required for all ProTech acquisitions to ensure that the Government meets its needs in the most effective, economical, and timely manner. The Strategic Sourcing Acquisition Division (SSAD) of AGO is available to assist the requiring activity with requirements planning to ensure that new requirements are appropriately defined and validated and have appropriate leadership buy-in and approval before moving forward with the formal TO process.
Where To Start:
Determination and Analysis of Need:
  • Conduct market research
  • Develop an appropriate work statement (SOO/SOW/PWS)
  • Prepare a written Acquisition Plan (AP), if required
  • Prepare an Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)
Market Research should consider the marketplace and other existing contracts in addition to ProTech. When the use of the ProTech contract is determined to be the best solution, a thoroughly documented Market Research Report will afford a basis for determining (1) whether to restrict competition in accordance with FAR 16.505(b)(2), Exceptions to the Fair Opportunity Process, (2) whether there are a sufficient number of qualified small business concerns among the ProTech contract holders to justify limiting competition exclusively to small business concerns or (3) small business set-aside criteria imposed by FAR 19.502-2(b) cannot be met. Conduct market research using the Market Research Checklist contained in the NOAA Acquisition Manual.

The work statement is one of the most crucial documents in the procurement process. It is important to provide sufficient detail to allow industry to respond adequately to requirements, whilst leaving room for innovation where appropriate.

Performance-based Work Statements (PWS) are the preferred method in NOAA for services contracting. These focus on what you want to achieve, not how a supplier is to provide it. These challenge suppliers and gives them the opportunity to develop innovative solutions. The better a requirement description, the more likely the Government will obtain the desired service at an acceptable price with adequate delivery terms.

An Acquisition Plan (AP) may be required in accordance with department procedures. The format and completion of this plan will be defined and accomplished in accordance with at CAM 1307.1 Section 4 and 5. The following matrix details the threshold requirements.

Acquisition Plan Matrix
Threshold Type of AP
Greater than the Simplified Acquisition Threshold but less than $75M ProTech Task Order Simplified Acquisition Plan
$75M or greater Formal AP

The Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) is developed by the client (requiring activity) and used to establish a reasonable price/cost for budget purposes. The IGCE is the baseline for evaluation of a reasonable TO price/cost. Format and contents of the IGCE will vary in accordance with the complexity and value of the requirement.

NOTE: The IGCE is a procurement sensitive document and should be handled accordingly. Access to the IGCE shall be on a need to know basis.

The ProTech Program Office is available to provide assistance to the client and the TO CO, if requested, regarding Market Research, Acquisition Plans, or Strategy Briefings. Additional guidance can also be found in the ProTech Ordering Guide.
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